The tourism industry is highly vulnerable to climate change while at the same time being a source of greenhouse gases due to the significant amount of travel that it stimulates. It is therefore essential that climate issues be taken into account. A successful shift toward responsible and sustainable tourism is critical for ensuring the resilience of the industry in the context of the new climate reality that is taking shape.  

Adaptation initiatives underway in Quebec

Tourism industry players are already demonstrating a genuine will to adapt, drawing notably on partnerships, risk management, education and the development of new business models.

Research project

Analysis of climate change risks and opportunities for the Quebec city and Charlevoix tourism sectors

The collaborative approach increased awareness and the general uptake of knowledge related to climate change within the tourism sector and provided a better understanding of the perceptions, attitudes and behaviours of tourism stakeholders.

Research project

Economic analysis of climate change adaptation measures applied to the alpine skiing industry in Québec

The profitability of the sector and regional economic activity related to ski stations depend on the industry's response to climate change challenges. Ski stations are at the heart of a tightly knit economic ecosystem. These challenges represent an opportunity for them to explore new business models.

Research project

Communication strategy for the tourism industry

Tools and activities were developed specifically for this industry in order to raise awareness and encourage the assimilation of current knowledge on climate change. Ultimately, they will be used in informed decision-making and the promotion of innovative action on climate change adaptation.  

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