The tourism industry is an important economic engine for communities and regions. In fact, in 2021, tourist spending in Quebec totalled around CA$7 billion, which represents approximately 1% of the province’s GDP. In 2019, shortly before the pandemic, this figure amounted to 2.1% of GDP. 

The tourism industry is generally highly dependent on climate conditions and can therefore be significantly affected by rising temperatures and extreme events. Furthermore, these upheavals are in addition to the many economic, demographic and labour-related challenges that the industry must contend with.

Quebec’s tourism industry in statistics (2021)
  • $6.6 billion in tourist spending 

  • 42.8 million visitors annually

  • 23,647 businesses in tourism-related sectors 

  • 306,810 jobs in the tourism sector

Source : Ministère du Tourisme, 2021



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