Drawing from its rigorous scientific knowledge, Ouranos endeavours to assist Quebec society in better adapting to an ever-changing climate. 

To do so, Ouranos exercises the role of a boundary organization with the goal of ensuring strong ties and cohesion between the scientific community and adaptation stakeholders. Through a shared leadership approach, Ouranos promotes a research environment that offers room for growth and opportunities and where each player tackles the issues and actively contributes to their solutions.


Ouranos intends to remain the primary hub of innovation and consultation to enable Quebec society to be more resilient and better adapted to a climate in constant flux. 

In this regard, Ouranos supports its partners, governments, businesses and citizens with the objective of promoting sound choices based not only on past but also current and future evolution of climate variables with regard to the built environment, the natural environment, as well as social and economic development. 

Ultimately, the cost in terms of human lives, productivity losses, damaged infrastructure, as well as ecosystems and communities disturbed by a destabilized climate will be substantially reduced.

This will generate opportunities to take advantage of some of the more positive impacts of climate change and propose adaptation actions that offer multiple co-benefits, thereby tangibly integrating sustainable development into every aspect of Quebec’s social and economic development.

Principles of action

  1. To meet the needs and requirements of members as well as Quebec society;

  2. To promote excellence in everything we do;

  3. To facilitate a genuine integration of multiple disciplines;

  4. To be a model of partnership that brings together users and researchers;

  5. To ensure efficient, effective and transparent management;

  6. To maintain global outreach and international partnerships.


These operating principles are based on the organization’s values, notably the following :

  • Openness;

  • Integrity;

  • Respect;

  • Rigour.

Ouranos specializes in:

Co-financing for interdisciplinary and multi-institutional projects that bring together researchers, practitioners and policy-makers to promote and support adaptation to anticipated climate change.

Climate scenarios and services to multiple partners in Quebec, across Canada and around the world.

Production of regional climate simulations using the Canadian Regional Climate Model 5 (CRCM5). The CRCM5 chosen at Ouranos was developed by UQAM’s ESCER centre, in collaboration with Environment and Climate Change Canada.

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