Regional Climatology and Adaptation to Climate Change

Ouranos is a collaborative innovation hub enabling Quebec society to better adapt to an evolving climate. The consortium brings together upwards of 450 researchers, experts, practitioners and decision-makers from an array of disciplines, collectively working on numerous applied research programs and projects.



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As seen this summer, a new climate reality is already established

The link between climate change and ocean warming

The new data on rising sea and ocean temperatures all over the planet is an indicator of the climate change that is underway. In particular, this influenced the Atlantic…

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El Niño: A Dangerous Boost To Climate Change

In May 2023, meteorologists reported the formation of an El Niño episode. This phenomenon, which will disturb meteorological conditions around the world, will most likely…

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Climate Portraits

Designed by Ouranos, Climate Portraits  is a regional portal of climate-related information that offers spatialized information across Quebec. The portal can be used to visualize climate normals, historic observations and the changes projected by climate models. 

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