Increasing resolution in global models - biases and climate changes

Webinar | November 2021


Eduardo Moreno-Chamarro
Barcelona Supercomputing Center

This contribution discusses some of the benefits of increasing horizontal resolution from the traditional ~100-km grid to a 25–50-km grid, or even finer, to a ~10-km-ocean grid, using global climate models from the PRIMAVERA project.

First, we will explore whether increased resolution helps reduce long-standing biases in climate models, such as the double ITCZ or the cold bias in the North Atlantic, that undermine model credibility.

Then, we will study how resolving the mesoscale in the ocean can increase the North Atlantic and European climate sensitivity to a future increase in greenhouse gases.

Last, we introduce the STREAM project, a newly funded Spanish national project to study ocean mesoscale eddies’ role in the North Atlantic and Europe climate variability and predictability.


Increasing resolution in global models: biases and climate changes 

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