Monitoring and Evaluation for a Resilient Electricity Sector

Webinar | February 2024


Alexandra Lesnikowski
Concordia University


This research frames the role of adaptation monitoring and evaluation in building the resilience of the Canadian electricity sector to climate change impacts, and synthesize the current state of practice on adaptation monitoring and evaluation among governments and electricity utilities. It examines four dimensions of adaptation monitoring and evaluation (context, content, operationalization, and communication), and suggests avenues for further research.

Learning objectives

  • Review the key climate change-related risks for the Canadian electricity sector, define the characteristics of a climate-resilient energy sector. 

  • Identify the components of adaptation monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and survey emerging practices in adaptation M&E within the electricity sector across key countries 

  • Identify directions for future work on adaptation M&E in the electricity sector. 


Webinar | February 14 2024

Monitoring and Evaluation for a Resilient Electricity Sector


Alexandra Lesnikowski is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography, Planning, and Environment at Concordia University, where she leads the Concordia Climate Change Adaptation Research Lab. She is an expert in climate change adaptation governance and policy, as well as methods and approaches to adaptation assessment. Her research group focuses on advancing our empirical understanding of emerging adaptation gaps and opportunities, and on the intersections between housing systems and adaptation governance. Dr. Lesnikowski’s work is published in academic journals and edited books, and she is a contributing author to IPCC AR6 Chapter 16: Key Risks Across Sectors and Regions, as well as the current Health Canada Climate Change Assessment Report. Dr. Lesnikowski completed her post-doctoral research at the University of Waterloo, and her PhD at McGill University. 

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