Call for tenders: visual and ergonomic redesign of Portraits climatiques
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Ouranos is looking for an agency specializing in website design and production. The agency's mandate will be to analyze the visual appearance and ergonomics of Portraits climatiques, and to develop new layouts. Subsequently, a second call for tenders will be issued, with a mandate to develop the computer code to implement the selected layouts.

What is Portraits climatiques?


Portraits climatiques is a climate data portal designed by Ouranos. 
It has two main objectives: 

  1. to disseminate climate scenarios to encourage their use in support of adaptation to climate change

  2. to democratize access to data resulting from Ouranos' Climate Science and Services research. 

Three user-friendly visualization formats are offered on the portal: maps, graphs and summary tables. It is also possible to download the data and figures generated.

Project's description

Portraits climatiques came to life in 2018. It was created by an external developer/consultant supported by our climate data specialists. However, the interface has never undergone a complete analysis of its usability in relation to the needs of its target audience. 

Ouranos is therefore launching a call for tenders with the aim of reviewing the user experience and interface of its climate data platform, and developing a new presentation.


You have until January 5, 2024 to submit your application to



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