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Apr 6th 2022

Downscaled climate research and sustainable transition knowledge creation : international perspective

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Mar 31st 2022

Ouranos’s relevance confirmed with Government of Quebec investment of nearly $20M

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Mar 14th 2022

What are the key takeaways of the IPCC report on climate change impacts and adaptation?

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Adaptation of living environments

  • Description
  • Research project

Facilitate adaptation of living environments

Composed of complex, dynamic systems, living environments – regardless of whether urban, rural or natural or whether they are located in a coastal, northern or other environment – face significant challenges that could worsen with climate change if they are not adapted. Ouranos proposes to support and stimulate scientific and empirical knowledge in order to help develop and reinforce the adaptation of these living environments.

  • Potential impacts on all regions and cities of Quebec
  • Analysis of problems and solutions is carried out in silos, which means the issues cannot be addressed in a comprehensive manner
  • Climate change is not taken into full account in major investments and strategic decisions, notably with regard to land use planning

In collaboration with cities, regions, conservation organizations and municipal-supporting organizations:

  • Understand the interactions between living environment sub-systems in order to respond more adequately and accelerate their adaptation
  • Undertake the analysis of adaptation solutions in a more holistic manner in order to account for the links between living environment sub-systems
  • Develop and test methods and processes that can be used to track evolving adaptation in living environments


Nathalie Bleau


Nathalie Bleau holds a Master’s in planning from the University of Montréal. She has worked in academic institutions and in the public sector, specializing in natural-hazard management, particularly issues related to flooding. Ms. Bleau joined Ouranos in 2007 as co-coordinator of RAC-Quebec funding program and has actively participated in the project Analysis of social and territorial vulnerability to flooding. Since 2013, Mrs. Bleau has coordinated the Built Environment program within the Vulnerabilities, Impacts and Adaptation Group.


Research projects

2020 - 2025

Réflexion municipale sur les coûts des changements climatiques sur les budgets municipaux

Downloadable documents:
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Coming soon
Coming soon

Étude sur la mise en œuvre d’outils d’écofiscalité au service de la conservation et de l’adaptation aux changements climatiques dans les Basses-terres du Saint-Laurent

Principal investigator(s):
J. Meloche
Downloadable documents:
Coming soon
In progress

Inégalités et solutions d’adaptation aux changements climatiques

Principal investigator(s):
N. Bleau
Downloadable documents:
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Coming soon
In progress
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