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Dec 1st 2021

COP26 : Opportunities for Exchange and Sharing for Ouranos

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Aug 30th 2021

Webinar | Climate change and resilience: Indigenous perspectives and approaches

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Aug 9th 2021

Climate Change Accelerating and Intensifying

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  • Description
  • Research project

Support an economy in line with climate reality

Businesses and other economic development stakeholders have a key role to play in order to maintain and reinforce Quebec’s social and economic prosperity. The program will develop knowledge and tools to consolidate the resilience of economic players by accounting for climate change risks and opportunities in their decision-making, planning, risk management and operation processes.

  • Impacts for a large number of economic sectors, supply and demand, jobs and supply chains
  • Poor consideration of the consequences of climate change, including repercussions on the value chain and the development of social and economic opportunities
  • The level of climate change mobilization varies greatly from one economic sector to another.

In collaboration with authorities, economic development organizations, major investors, stakeholders, economic sectors as well as regions:

  • Consolidate and mobilize the stakeholder network
  • Develop knowledge on climate change-related vulnerabilities, risks, solutions and opportunities for the economic system and identify priorities at different scales of intervention
  • Stimulate business model renewal as well as the development of innovative and more competitive business initiatives in a changing economy


Stéphanie Bleau


Stéphanie Bleau holds a Master’s in water sciences from INRS-ETE (Institut national de la recherche scientifique, centre—eau, terre et environnement). Her expertise is mostly in subarctic and arctic environments; Ms. Bleau studies the mechanisms, processes and hydro-climatic parameters that dictate river, estuary and sea-ice regimes. She is particularly interested in microwave remote sensing, climate change adaptation and in collaborative approaches to adaptation within Nunavik communities. Ms. Bleau’s experience organizing major urban events in winter tourism, and in coastal and offshore navigation, provide her with significant business expertise. At Ouranos since 2014, she co-coordinates the Northern Environment program and she coordinates theTourism program within the Vulnerabilities, Impacts and Adaptation Group.


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