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Apr 6th 2022

Downscaled climate research and sustainable transition knowledge creation : international perspective

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Mar 31st 2022

Ouranos’s relevance confirmed with Government of Quebec investment of nearly $20M

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Mar 14th 2022

What are the key takeaways of the IPCC report on climate change impacts and adaptation?

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Food systems

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Reinforce the resilience of food systems

The observed and anticipated intensification of climate change could magnify certain challenges for Quebec’s food systems. There are implications for food security, with disparities between regions and population groups. Ouranos proposes to mobilize and develop the knowledge needed by concerned stakeholders to reinforce food security for the entire Quebec population in a context of climate change in the province and throughout the world.

  • The vulnerabilities and impacts of climate change on certain components of food systems (processing, distribution and consumption), food security and their interdependencies are still poorly understood in Quebec
  • Food system resilience must be reinforced at all levels, i.e. “from farm to table”, which requires the commitment and collaboration of numerous actors and a series of interventions that will have to be coordinated

In collaboration with food system stakeholders as well as Indigenous communities, and while taking into account the multiple realities that will be affected in various ways:

  • Further develop knowledge on the vulnerabilities of the various food system components (production, transformation, distribution, consumption) to climate change and the impacts on the pillars of food security (availability, access, use, stability), including the traditional diets of Northern and Indigenous populations
  • Identify and analyze solutions that contribute to food system resilience as well as food security
  • Help reinforce the adaptation capacity and mobilization of stakeholders and communities for maintaining food system integrity


Anne Blondlot


Anne Blondlot holds a Master’s from the National Superior School of Agronomy and Food Industries of Nancy (France) with a specialization in plant production, and is a member of the Order of Quebec agronomists. After graduation, she served as a consultant in rural development for an engineering company specializing in precision farming. For 10 years, Ms. Blondlot conducted herbicide research for a French agricultural applied-research institute and coordinated its diagnostic and cultures-management services. At Ouranos since 2009, Mrs. Blondlot coordinates the Agriculture, Commercial Fisheries and Aquaculture (APAQ) program, and helps coordinate the Forest Resources program within the Vulnerabilities, Impacts and Adaptation Group.


Stéphanie Bleau


Stéphanie Bleau holds a Master’s in water sciences from INRS-ETE (Institut national de la recherche scientifique, centre—eau, terre et environnement). Her expertise is mostly in subarctic and arctic environments; Ms. Bleau studies the mechanisms, processes and hydro-climatic parameters that dictate river, estuary and sea-ice regimes. She is particularly interested in microwave remote sensing, climate change adaptation and in collaborative approaches to adaptation within Nunavik communities. Ms. Bleau’s experience organizing major urban events in winter tourism, and in coastal and offshore navigation, provide her with significant business expertise. At Ouranos since 2014, she co-coordinates the Northern Environment program and she coordinates theTourism program within the Vulnerabilities, Impacts and Adaptation Group.


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