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Apr 6th 2022

Downscaled climate research and sustainable transition knowledge creation : international perspective

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Mar 31st 2022

Ouranos’s relevance confirmed with Government of Quebec investment of nearly $20M

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Mar 14th 2022

What are the key takeaways of the IPCC report on climate change impacts and adaptation?

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Water availability

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Lower risks related to water availability

Quebec enjoys abundant water resources, though water availability can occasionally become a local issue during baseflow periods. In light of the risk that these phenomena might become more severe with climate change, Ouranos proposes to help reinforce Quebec’s capacity to supply its population with drinking water and ensure that ecosystems and economic sectors are not lastingly impacted in the event of a severe water shortage.

  • Poor preparation for water shortage issues despite the significant impact that they can have on citizens, economic players, municipalities and ecosystems.

In collaboration with ministries, municipalities, watershed organizations and other water management players and from the perspective of sharing water resources between different uses:

  • Evaluate current and future biophysical, economic, environmental and social/health vulnerabilities to a severe water shortage in Quebec
  • Further develop knowledge on the future evolution of water availability, demand and conflicts over its use
  • Document and evaluate capacity-building solutions to prevent and manage periods of water shortage.


Anne Blondlot


Anne Blondlot holds a Master’s from the National Superior School of Agronomy and Food Industries of Nancy (France) with a specialization in plant production, and is a member of the Order of Quebec agronomists. After graduation, she served as a consultant in rural development for an engineering company specializing in precision farming. For 10 years, Ms. Blondlot conducted herbicide research for a French agricultural applied-research institute and coordinated its diagnostic and cultures-management services. At Ouranos since 2009, Mrs. Blondlot coordinates the Agriculture, Commercial Fisheries and Aquaculture (APAQ) program, and helps coordinate the Forest Resources program within the Vulnerabilities, Impacts and Adaptation Group.


Richard Turcotte


Richard Turcotte holds a Doctorate in water science from INRS (Institut national de la recherche scientifique). Employed by INRS from 1994 to 2000, he developed and applied hydrological modeling before joining Centre d’expertise hydrique du Québec (CEHQ). After a few years as head of the hydrometeorology division, he now holds the position of scientific advisor at the Director of hydrological Expertise’s office. In recent years, Dr. Turcotte has been involved in both operational forecast of floods and low flows and realisation of studies in water resource management and climate change. Since 2008, Dr. Turcotte coordinates the activities of the Water Management program within the Vulnerabilities, Impacts and Adaptation Group at Ouranos.


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