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Aug 30th 2021

Webinar | Climate change and resilience: Indigenous perspectives and approaches

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Aug 9th 2021

Climate Change Accelerating and Intensifying

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Jul 14th 2021

Natural Resources Canada’s summary of national issues now available

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Tourism Program Information Kit

Tourism Program Information Kit

Ouranos, in partnership with a number of players from the tourism sector, is offering an information kit (in French only) for stakeholders in this industry. The kit aims to compensate for the lack of access and near absence of relevant information on climate change as it relates to tourism. These efforts contribute to recognition of the issue by the industry, a broader awareness by tourism stakeholders and ministries concerned by governance and the economic support of businesses, and an increased response capacity within the sector. Preparing for climate-related risks and innovating with regard to climate change adaptation are essential keys to revisiting the tourism offering and developing a more resilient economy. This kit was prepared as part of a communication strategy implemented by the Ministry of Tourism (funded by the Green Fund) to support economic players in the tourism sector.

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