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Apr 6th 2022

Downscaled climate research and sustainable transition knowledge creation : international perspective

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Mar 31st 2022

Ouranos’s relevance confirmed with Government of Quebec investment of nearly $20M

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Mar 14th 2022

What are the key takeaways of the IPCC report on climate change impacts and adaptation?

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Webinar | Climate change and resilience: Indigenous perspectives and approaches

Seminar/Webinar |08.30.2021

Our webinar recording is now available

13h | Hope and love: An exploration into the preparation of the National Climate Assessment’s first stand-alone Indigenous report.

Guess speaker: Graeme Reed, Senior Policy Analyst at the Assembly of First Nations

Webinar recording

Graeme Reed is of mixed Anishinaabe and European descent. He is a Senior Advisor with the Assembly of First Nations, where he advocates for the inclusion of First Nations in the federal, provincial, and territorial climate change and energy policy dialogue. He holds a PhD in Rural Studies from the University of Guelph.

This talk will discuss the process to produce the first stand-alone Indigenous report as part of the national assessment on climate change, its impacts and adaptation. The inclusive process and holistic approach are in and of themselves an inspiration for adaptation.

14h | Indigenous Being and Doing – Looking beyond knowledge for Earth’s future

Guess speaker: Jocelyn Joe-Strack, Indigenous Knowledge Research Chair at Yukon University

Jocelyn Joe-Strack (Da-kal-a-ma), is a member of the Wolf Clan of northwestern Canada’s Champagne and Aishihik First Nation. She is an Indigenous scientist, artist and entrepreneur who strives to evolve tomorrow’s policies by blending yesterday’s ancestral lessons with today’s systematic knowledge. She uses her experience as a trained microbiologist, hydrologist and policy analyst along with her cultural foundations to explore resilient approaches to challenges such as climate change, societal wellbeing and prosperity.

This conference will offer a view into Mrs Joe-Strack’s work at Yukon University in trying to normalize Indigenous being and doing and the overemphasis on knowledge-based documentation and deliverable. She will pull upon her experience working with Youth, climate change and policy development to explore more resilient approaches to deal with complex societal issues

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