This five-year plan covering the period 2020-2025 describes Ouranos’s role in helping to ramp up climate change adaptation through its scientific program, both in terms of the topics addressed and how they are studied. The plan will guide the organization’s actions to generate research results that are relevant, credible, accessible, rigorously developed and efficiently delivered.

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2020-2025 Scientific Program

Programming will revolve around eight highly inter-related adaptation priorities while considering social, environmental, economic and built environment dimensions: Quebec’s economy, energy security, water availability, food systems, social and health challenges, extreme events, living environments, governance.

Figure 1


8 Adaptation Priorities
Climate science and climate services strategy

As a central supporting element of these priorities and projects of the program, the climate science and climate services strategy has been established to produce relevant climate-related information and analyses by developing new knowledge and by bringing public services on-line.

Likewise, knowledge mobilization will be key in supporting stakeholders and helping them better understand the issues throughout the adaptation cycle by maintaining an open dialogue between research, practice and decision-making and by sharing those results that are already available.


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