Agriculture, Commercial Fisheries and Aquaculture


  • Plant production: protection against current and emerging pests (insects, diseases, weeds); crop productivity and harvest quality;

  • Livestock: quantity and quality of animal feed; managing the impacts of climate variations, including thermal stress on farms; diseases and infections (new and existing) affecting the productivity of animals and public health;

  • The evolution of agricultural land occupation and the related social, economic and environmental consequences;

  • Maintaining the quality of agricultural soils;

  • Water availability and maintaining/improving water quality for agricultural enterprises and other users.

Commercial fisheries and aquaculture
  • Current and emerging organisms and microorganisms in Québec likely to
    harm exploited species and aquaculture;

  • Distribution and abundance of exploited species and the forage species on which they depend;

  • Aquacultural productivity.


Support, through collaborative research and development, adaptation to climate change in agriculture, commercial fisheries and aquaculture in Québec.

  • To deepen and increase knowledge about the impacts of climate change and about the vulnerabilities of production sectors and regions;

  • Contribute to the definition and analysis of adaptation measures and develop tools to support adaptation;

  • Share the knowledge and tools developed through this program among other research teams and users.

Program document

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Research projects

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