Built Environment


Governance and Regional Planning
  • Consideration of adaptation in decisions about land use and urban planning;

  • Public security, accountability, municipal fiscal planning;

  • Barriers to climate change adaptation in decision-making processes;

  • Translation of political will to adaptation solutions;

  • Revision of current operation methods.

Infrastructure and Buildings
  • Stormwater management, design standards, redistributive aspects, risk-tolerances threshold, social acceptability;

  • Drinking water (quantity and quality);

  • Identification of adaptation options for transportation infrastructure, management and maintenance;

  • Vulnerability assessment of critical infrastructure, as well as of the interdependence of infrastructure;

  • Wear patterns of materials and structures, and the maintenance of urban technical networks (RTU) and buildings.


Contribute to building and strengthening the resilience of the built environment in southern Quebec communities in a changing climate.

  • Study the actions that contribute to the adaptation initiated and/or implemented in communities, and identify what factors support and hinders their mobilization;

  • Update and develop decision-support tools that players can adapt and monitor;

  • Support pilot projects to integrate adaptation in planning, design and development;

  • Promote exchanges of knowledge and expertise among scientists, managers and professionals.

Program document

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Avis d'Ouranos

Retrouvez une documentation sur l'adaptation aux changements climatiques des villes.

Research projects

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