Climate governance

Rally actors around a climate governance that accelerates adaptation

The institutions responsible for climate governance in Quebec are not always equipped to properly structure and coordinate the medium- and long-term decision-making and planning processes.

In this regard, Ouranos proposes to develop knowledge on the roles and responsibilities of the various actors of a system at the inter-institutional, inter-sectoral and territorial levels in order to support the adoption of climate governance conducive to the deployment of adaptation solutions that are viable for society.


  • Deficient coordination between institutions, sectors and groups;

  • Lack of coherence in decision-making and investments;

  • Significant lack of integrated management tools to support institutions responsible for climate governance.


In collaboration with governments and adaptation stakeholders:

  • Develop knowledge on best practices for adaptation governance;

  • Develop capacity-building, communication and leadership projects from legal, equity and behavioural perspectives, including in Indigenous communities.

88e congrès de l'ACFAS

Colloque | Changements climatiques au Québec : pour une gouvernance décloisonnée et cohérente 

Available in French only

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