Climate Scenarios and Services


  • Availability of information about adaptation, particularly for the current and near-future periods (about 20 years);

  • Selection and use of data not gathered through conventional meteorological observation especially useful when observation data are scarce;

  • Innovative methods in the post-processing of climate model outputs;

  • Documentation of the evolution of climate risks;

  • Availability of information about climate extremes;

  • Understanding users’ decision-making processes.


Provide relevant climate information and expertise to Ouranos members and partners with emphasis on adaptation.

  • Optimize contact with users to increase understanding of their needs and disseminate climate information with the appropriate tools;

  • Update and document the bank of observed and simulated climate data as well as data-processing tools;

  • Provide scenarios and climate information tailored to user needs and develop innovative projection methods;

  • Stimulate the development of knowledge and expertise in scenarios and services.

Program document

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