Ecosystems and Biodiversity


  • Plant and wildlife species in Quebec

  • Nothern migration of ecological habitats

  • Changing in the structure, composition and functioning of ecosystems

  • Ecological Services

  • Biodiversity Conservation


Develop knowledge and tools to support adaptation focused on ecosystems and biodiversity.

  • Develop innovative methodological approaches and decision-making tools to facilitate adaptation and promote its integration into the conservation of biodiversity, and environmental management and planning, especially in rural and peri-urban environments;

  • Improve knowledge of climate change impacts on biodiversity and assess vulnerabilities of species and communities, habitats and ecosystems;

  • Understand and evaluate the role of ecosystem services in the adaptation of Québec society to climate change, and in particular how services can help to maintain standard of living and well-being;

  • Broadly share new knowledge about the impacts of climate change and the role of ecosystem services to engage all citizens in adaptation.

Program document

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Working group

Canada’s Climate Change Adaptation Platform - Biodiversity Adaptation Working Group

Research projects

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