Energy security

Help maintain energy security in a changing climate

A failure in the energy system can trigger a cascade effect and thereby impact a number of other essential systems such as healthcare, food, security and telecommunications, which in turn can have further repercussions on society. The program aims to support the analysis and implementation of adaptation solutions focusing on components of the energy system (energy sources, production methods, transmission, distribution and demand) in order to ensure security and durability in the context of a highly variable climate.


  • Energy sectors exposed to vagaries of the climate

  • Increased pressure on the grid due to mass electrification in Quebec


In collaboration with energy producers and major energy consumers:

  • Evaluate the vulnerability of the distribution and transmission grids to the vagaries of the climate;

  • Pursue the development and support the implementation of adaptation solutions needed to ensure energy security in a context of climate change and energy transition;

  • Evaluate and adjust implemented adaptation measures in order to improve the energy demand forecast.

Research projects

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