• Social inequalities in exposure, risk and adaptation, and their determinants;

  • Individual and organisational responses to adaptation, and their determinants;

  • Preventive adaptation for construction and land use;

  • Zoonoses;

  • Dissemination, transfer and use of knowledge and skills.


Support adaptation research; disseminate knowledge, expertise and solutions for the reduction of greenhouse gases and adaptation to climate change; and prevent and control diseases, injuries, mortality and psychosocial impacts.

  • Contribute to the establishment of an intersectoral and interdisciplinary research partnership comprised of existing - possibly independent- organizations focused on identifying and countering social inequalities related to exposure to climate and environmental risks;

  • Contribute to the establishment of a research program focused on behavioural determinants and psychosocial impacts related to major natural disasters;

  • Contribute to the creation of a virtual observatory of the evolution of adaptation implementation;

  • Analyze risks related to zoonoses, as well as the effectiveness of public health strategies;

  • Support appropriate transfer and use of knowledge about climate change, particularly related to the public-health impacts of land-use planning and construction.

Program document

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Research projects

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