Supporting Climate Change Adaptation in Quebec’s Tourism Sector

Under Thrust 5 of the 2020-2025 Action Plan for Responsible and Sustainable Tourism, Quebec’s Ministry of Tourism (MTO) is interested in acquiring and sharing knowledge on climate change mitigation, supporting partners in testing innovative solutions, and stimulating the mobilization of regional and sectoral players for a tourism industry that is resilient to climate change.

Project details
Scientific program
2020-2025 programming
Theme(s) and priority(s)
Economy - Climate Governance
Start and duration
April 2022 • 3 years
Project Status
In progress
Principal(s) investigator(s)
Laurence Coulombe

Credits : Bas-Saint-Laurent © TQ/G.Leroyer

Granted by the Ministry of Tourism, this mandate comprises four components with the following objectives:  

  • Empower tourism associations and other organizations that play a meaningful role in helping the tourism sector adapt to climate change. 

  • Promote the emergence and deployment of climate change adaptation solutions in the tourism sector by supporting the implementation or consolidation of innovation initiatives rooted in stakeholder involvement.


Mobilization/engagement of players in the field of climate change adaptation


Acquisition and development of knowledge on climate change impacts and adaptation


Support for tourism associations in the planning and preparation of actions


Showcase project: entrepreneurial innovation in climate change adaptation to support its implementation

The preferred approach for the execution of this mandate aims to meet the specific needs of tourism sector stakeholders by :


Sharing concrete information on climate change impacts and adaptation as they relate to specific activities or regions. 

Offering support to better apply knowledge to everyday activities. 

Prioritizing participatory approaches conducive to stakeholder engagement, exchange of expertise and knowledge production. 

Mobilizing players from different backgrounds to stimulate innovation and promote solution-finding.

Relevant documentation

2020-2025 Action Plan for Responsible and Sustainable Tourism (in French)

Theme page on climate change and tourism in Quebec

2030 Plan for a Green Economy

Understanding Adaptation Science

Programmation 14-19

Under the 2014-2019 program, research projects were carried out to support adaptation capacity and lower the vulnerability of tourism regions and businesses to climate change.


The current mandate is being funded by the Government of Quebec in the context of the “2030 Plan for a Green Economy” and is being carried out under the “2020-2025 Action Plan for Responsible and Sustainable Tourism.”



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