A number of adaptation solutions exist to address the impacts climate change is having on ecosystems. By protecting and restoring ecosystems, humans allow species to move about more freely while limiting the contraction of their ranges. The same holds true for ensuring their connectivity, notably through the creation of ecological corridors. Maintaining these natural spaces and their diversity makes them more resistant to the vagaries of the climate. The presence of green spaces and green infrastructure in urban settings also fosters ecological connectivity.

In order to control the spread of exotic invasive species, a number of solutions exist. For example, whenever any sort of roadside work is performed, the ground should not be left bare. Planting a diversity of fast-growing, native species limits the chances that the area will be taken over by invasive species.

Research project

Valuation and Evolution of Ecosystem Services in the Québec City Region

The economic quantification of ES generated by natural capital can be used to develop new indicators for land-use planning. It can also serve to inform decision making and can be integrated with other decision support tools such as cost-benefit and multi-criteria analyses.

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