• Deficit of knowledge about climate change impacts and vulnerabilities;

  • Scarcity of strategic information about climate change to support sound decision-making;

  • Limited knowledge and transfer of information about climate change and adaptation measures.


Help tourism industries and regions acquire the capacity to cope with climate change.

  • Expand regional impact and vulnerability assessments of activities and industries (PME);

  • Develop and deliver coordinated activities and pilot projects that can help the tourism sector to better understand the relevant risks, to identify opportunities and business strategies, and to implement appropriate adaptation measures with the help;

  • Improve the decision-making tools of tourism industry stakeholders;

  • Conduct multidisciplinary studies to develop new knowledge related to risk management, and adaptation barriers and costs;

  • Improve communications related to climate change within the tourism sector.

Program document

In French only

Information kit

Ouranos is offering an information kit (in French only) for stakeholders in this industry. The kit aims to compensate for the lack of access and near absence of relevant information on climate change as it relates to tourism. 

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