Water Management


  • Water Regime

  • Water Availability

    • Assessment of water supply for municipal, agricultural, navigational, industrial and various recreational activities

  • Water quality

    • Drinking water

    • Recreational uses

    • Aquatic ecosystems

    • Sewage discharge and leaching of soils in agricultural areas

  • Flooding, erosion and securit

  • Integrated and adaptive management

    • Usage conflicts


Support adaptation to climate change in integrated water resources management in southern Quebec and the St. Lawrence River.

  • Deepen and increase knowledge of the biophysical impacts of climate change;

  • Produce and transfer practical information about the biophysical impacts of climate change;

  • Consolidate and develop expertise, technical tools, and socio-economic support for the process of adaptation;

  • Develop strategic, macroscopic information to support adaptation assessments;

  • Experiment with approaches to adaptation in the context of integrated water resources management.

Program document

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Ouranos action for INFO-Crue

Dynamic floodplain mapping in a context of climate change

Research projects

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