Maritime Environment


  • Increase in sea water temperature

    • Changes in ecosystems

    • Decrease in ice cover

    • Thermal expansion of water

  • Relative increase of sea level

    • Gradual submergence of coastal areas

    • Elevation of groundwater in coastal areas

    • Disruption of estuaries

    • Economic evaluation of the potential impacts of the erosion of Québec’s maritime coasts in a context of climate change

  • Changes in storm patterns

    • Storm surges and flood waves

    • Amplitude of waves

    • Changes in wind and wave patterns

  • Changes in water regime

    • Increase of sediment in coastal areas du to erosion and runoff

    • Increase of nutrient inputs into coastal waters

  • Increased water acidification

    • Increased stress on marine fauna and flora


Promote adaptive and integrated coastal zone management by supporting authorities in the implementation of policies and flexible measures based on effective incorporation of scientific knowledge about climate change impacts.

  • Continue to increase and synthesize knowledge about relevant processes, agents and issues across the maritime Quebec to guide future activities;

  • Enssure the dissemination of the most current knowledge to planners and decision-makers to facilitate adaptation to climate change;

  • Strengthen links between researchers, stakeholders and planning authorities to remove obstacles to the implementation of adaptation measures.

Program document

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