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17 Mai, 2022

Webinaire sur les inondations dans les Plaines de l’Abitibi

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9 Mai, 2022

Félicitations au récipiendaire du prix Réal-Décoste 2022

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3 Mai, 2022

Webinaire sur la mise à l’échelle dynamique

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Webinaire sur la mise à l’échelle dynamique

Séminaire/Webinaire |03.05.2022

Ouranos vous convie à un webinaire sur la mise à l’échelle dynamique, le mercredi 11 mai de 11h à midi. Le webinaire sera donné en anglais.

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ID de réunion : 872 5658 3728 | Code secret : 778081

Speaker : Jens H. Christensen, University of Copenhagen

Dynamical downscaling: From ‘garbage in – garbage out’ to ‘excellence in – excellence out’ and everything in between.   

Regional climate models have been around for nearly three and a half decades and in the meantime the field has matured considerably. In this talk, I will highlight a couple of key scientific elements that made the first decade a difficult one to the small RCM community around at the time. The wider climate modeling community did not feel convinced that there was a need for down scaling at all. To some extent the argument from back then is still valid: global models do not need down scaling in order to inform about climate and climate change at the regional scale and if the global model is not doing a good job in the first place, there is no reason to look at regional details: the concept of “garbage in – garbage out” was defined. But this statement can be negated and indeed the wider RCM community argued back that when fed with realistic large-scale information over the lateral boundaries, dynamical down scaling does add additional value to the causer resolution information that can be provided by global models. Hence, the less heard of concept “excellence in – excellence out” was introduced. But at some point, this discussion disappeared from the agenda. Here, I will try to re-iterate on these concepts and ask where we are today on this agenda. Perhaps, even try to answer the question of whether down scaling does offer enhanced credibility to climate change projections and hence of use to those in need for reliable climate change information in their decision process.

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